For the past 15 years, JumpStart Manuals founder Craig Dietz focused on operations manuals and training programs. Kyle Gjersee joined the team in 2017 with 30 years experience in all facets of the franchise industry. We’ve identified how to assist franchisors with strategic planning and franchise development. Are you ready to grow your business? JumpStart your franchise future.


To provide our clients the structure necessary to open, operate and grow a successful franchise system

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To prepare our clients to be the top performing franchisees in their industries.

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Integrity, Profitable, Value Driven, Be Excellent to Each Other, Collaborate

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Craig Dietz, JumpStart Franchise Services President, has been assisting businesses and franchisors since 1999. A skilled educator and entrepreneur, he knows the franchise fundamentals and the importance of developing scalable systems and routines that create successful businesses.

His team of professional writers and designers have prepared and protected over 50 companies transitioning into becoming a franchise, or growing mature franchises needing global solutions for service and brand consistency.


Kyle Gjersee brings 25 years of franchising experience in every aspect of the business (Development, Operations and Marketing). Prior to this position he was the Co-Founder/CEO of Rocky Mountain Mentors, a franchise consulting firm.  He was the COO at Well Biz Brands, overseeing both Elements Massage and Fitness Together.  He also has spent 10 years in the PepsiCo/YUM brands, Quizno’s, Arby’s and Spicy Pickle Franchising in various executive level positions.

Kyle received his BA in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Washington State University.

Langston Anthony

Graphic Designer

With over twelve years of experience specializing in graphic design, Langston Anthony’s work is guided by a strong belief in design as a problem-solving tool, as a way of recognizing and forming relationships between ideas and reality, and as a method for improving the connections between people and the products they use. He possess a strong track record of creating impactful visual communications that build brand identity and engage customers across various mediums.

Angela Jiron-Mendoza

Graphic Designer

Angela Jiron-Mendoza is a Graphic Designer with JumpStart Franchise Services. She has more than a decade of graphic design experience in the management of the complete design process, from conceptualization to delivery. She is analytical with strong interpersonal skills. She is skilled with Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) and Microsoft Office. She loves learning and enjoys photography as a hobby.

Garrett Schuchholz

Technical Writer

Garrett has spent more than 20 years coaching franchisees how to complement their entrepreneurial spirit within the framework of the established Standards of the Operations Manual to strengthen the brand. Garrett brings experience in policy composition, digital manual publication, Franchise Advisory Council facilitation, Field Evaluation preparation and implementation , Corrective Action Planning and follow-up, data collection and analysis, and executive management reporting.

Tracy Weise

Copywriter and Editor

Tracy Weise is a professional copywriter and editor. She has more than two decades of experience in the field of communications. She brings strong business, marketing and franchise acumen to the review process for JumpStart clients and has worked with dozens of franchise companies supporting their content development, marketing and editing needs. Tracy has a BA in communications from James Madison University and an MA in communications from The University of Alabama.

Zoe Zorka

Senior Technical Writer

Zoe is a senior technical writer with over eight years’ experience in franchise development. She has helped build upwards of 60 franchise brands across all industries, creating operations manuals, sales and marketing materials, training modules, process documentation, and more. She holds a Masters in Business Administration and Doctorate of Business Administration from Colorado Tech. She is also an accomplished journalist with credits of CNN, Newsweek, NBC News, Vice, Business Insider, and more to her name.

Jane Roach


As a seasoned accounting professional, my goal is to provide specialized financial services to meet the individual needs of every client. I love to focus on small businesses and non-profit organizations as they launch and grow their enterprises.

Grace Haberman

Marketing Management

An eye for design and a passion for communication, Grace works diligently to make sure your business puts its best marketing foot forward. With a BS in Public Relations and Technical Communication, she understands the potential unlocked from a first impression, especially in franchise sales. Grace generates sales-focused marketing materials and eye-catching social media content for franchise clientele of all sizes and industries.

Ben Bertsch

Technical Writer

Ben Bertsch is a Denver freelance writer with content, technical, and creative writing experience. He was a Division One football player at The University of Colorado at Boulder, where he finished his Bachelor's Degree in History. After college, Ben spent six years as a certified personal trainer, guiding his clients to their goals with comprehensive fitness programs. But writing has always been Ben's true calling. For the past three years, he has used his unique set of writing skills to create clear and engaging franchise operations manuals.



All law firms – big and small – tout their knowledge and experience to solicit clients and target potential business. However, merely having those attributes is not enough to properly and effectively represent a client.

In January 2008, Lisa A. Biase, set out to create and develop a different type of law practice where integrity is its most basic principle, and interpersonal relationships with clients is paramount. At the Law Offices of Lisa A. Biase, P.C., Ms. Biase uses her real life experiences to advise clients – not with legal jargon or legalize – but with an informality which sets her apart from other lawyers: candor, practicality, and ease of communications, all of which build trust and a comfortable atmosphere where clients are best poised to understand the issues, and make the proper decisions with respect to their business or their opportunity to create a business.

For these reasons, clients in numerous franchise sectors all across the nation have selected and trusted the Firm to represent them whether it is launching a start-up franchise business, managing an existing one, or buying a prospective franchise. Other companies have selected the Firm to provide general counsel services when, understandably, their budget cannot accommodate the salary of an in-house lawyer. While we always strive to amicably resolve disputes on behalf of our clients, sometimes this simply is not possible. In those circumstances, the Firm provides mediation, arbitration and litigation services and works with the client to achieve the best possible result, and on a cost-effective basis. Whatever the task at hand is, our clients know that we ‘have their back’ and will diligently render quality legal services providing the most value possible.


With A Twist

Serving customers since 2006, With A Twist is the Nation’s Largest Event and Bartending franchise.  We are the leader in a 90-billion-dollar event industry by providing full Bartending and Event Services having served over 8,000 events to corporate business, residential clients and in event centers across the USA.  

With A Twist Bartending Service provides expert, certified bartenders and bar service for parties of any size. Our staff is fully trained, certified and handle everything needed for full bar service including specialty drink design, alcohol ordering or support, and provide all equipment needed for a full bar. 

With A Twist has territories available in multiple markets nationwide!