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Hope is not a strategy.

By September 24, 2020No Comments

2020 Forced Everyone to Refocus.

For most businesses, 2020 didn’t go according to plan. As the year-end approaches, now is the time to review, renew, and refocus to create a stronger 2021. How have your business practices, procedures, and strategies changed in the last six months? Will they continue to change over the next six months? Are you prepared to keep up with the changes or hoping for better outcomes? 

Unfortunately, hope isn’t a strategy.

When the pandemic hit, many companies found themselves

  • Frustrated with outdated procedures and policies
  • Struggling to establish health and safety standards in a continuously changing environment

Successful companies immediately began seeking guidance to create a stronger and more resilient business model. Success takes planning. At Jump Start Franchise Services, we can help you drive that success!

As you consider how well your operations manual reflects the new realities of business, remember that the future of your company depends on well-executed operations – including effectively delivering on your promise to customers. Does your current operations manual deliver on that promise?

Since 2003, JumpStart Franchise Services has written and published more than 200 effective franchise operations manuals. Using our proprietary writing system, and a team of publication specialists, we deliver accurate, useful and used manuals that provide peace of mind for business success, even in an evolving business environment.

If your strategy includes more than hope, be sure to have an operations manual that is created for success. Jump Start Franchise Services can help. 

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