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The Law Offices of Lisa A. Biase, P.C.

By October 13, 2020No Comments

All law firms – big and small – tout their knowledge and experience to solicit clients and target potential business. However, merely having those attributes is not enough to properly and effectively represent a client.

In January 2008, Lisa A. Biase, set out to create and develop a different type of law practice where integrity is its most basic principle, and interpersonal relationships with clients is paramount. At the Law Offices of Lisa A. Biase, P.C., Ms. Biase uses her real life experiences to advise clients – not with legal jargon or legalize – but with an informality which sets her apart from other lawyers: candor, practicality, and ease of communications, all of which build trust and a comfortable atmosphere where clients are best poised to understand the issues, and make the proper decisions with respect to their business or their opportunity to create a business.

For these reasons, clients in numerous franchise sectors all across the nation have selected and trusted the Firm to represent them whether it is launching a start-up franchise business, managing an existing one, or buying a prospective franchise. Other companies have selected the Firm to provide general counsel services when, understandably, their budget cannot accommodate the salary of an in- house lawyer. While we always strive to amicably resolve disputes on behalf of our clients, sometimes this simply is not possible. In those circumstances, the Firm provides mediation, arbitration and litigation services and works with the client to achieve the best possible result, and on a cost-effective basis. Whatever the task at hand is, our clients know that we ‘have their back’ and will diligently render
quality legal services providing the most value possible.

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Dated: September 10, 2020

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