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Executive Coaching

One-on-one executive coaching, whether for a business or franchise, should be a tailored experience. It should focus on actionable insights, generate more leads, and identify qualified franchisee candidates or new areas of focus for your business.

At JumpStart Franchise Services, we give you the tools to reignite your business or franchise. You know the potential is there. Let us help you put things into motion.


One-On-One Coaching Tailored to Your Business

Whether you are an emerging business or established franchise, there’s always room for improvement. We equip you with the knowledge and help you identify areas of opportunity within your industry so you can develop your business model and become more effective. You see the potential you have within you as a leader and we unlock and release that potential.

What Are the Benefits of Executive Coaching?

When you take advantage of our executive coaching services, you will see a sustainable transformation that leads to improved leadership, more effective goal-setting, increased confidence when making executive decisions, and clearer communication across your organization.

JumpStart Your Executive Skills with the Following Attributes:

  • Improved decision-making at an executive level.
  • Proven strategies in times of crisis.
  • Sharpened motivation and communication skills
  • Better stress management and conflict

JumpStart Your Entire Organization with the Following Skills

  • Increase your motivation on a company or franchise level.
  • Take ownership over responsibilities and create consistent business protocols.
  • Refine market outreach.
  • Streamline your ability to adapt during times of struggle.
  • Develop a proactive approach to changes within your industry.
Benefits of Executive Coaching

What Does Our Executive Program Look Like?

At JumpStart Franchise Services, our approach includes four stages:



  • Complete business and industry analysis
  • Identify goals identification
  • Uncover business drivers
  • Determine obstacles
  • Study past successes
  • Uncover future objectives


  • Create Session-by-session goals
  • Identify metrics and follow-ups. Evaluate whether your business keeps up-to-date on those metrics.
  • Establish a consistent routine of sessions, typically one every two weeks.
  • Define accountability within the coaching. Determine how we measure your progress and success within your business or franchise?

Ongoing Support

  • Focus on the habits we discuss in our sessions.
  • Archive records of your progress, as defined using the metrics we identify in the discovery phase.


  • Executive coaching sessions are not a quick-fix. They are a long-term solution to franchise and business stagnancy. At the end of each quarter, we evaluate the strides your company or franchise has made and how to adjust to your changing industry.
  • We assess your ROI, celebrate successes, and identify areas where we can improve.
Coaching Beliefs

Our Executive Coaching Beliefs

You Become an Action-Centered Leader

An effective business or franchise consists primarily of three elements: the leaders you hire, how well you develop your leaders, and how well those leaders carry out their responsibilities.

Forming Your Team: Our executive coaching program teaches you how to attract the right franchisee, what you should look for in candidates, and how to set your standards. An effective business or franchise runs on stable communication, constructive feedback, and having an eye for cultural fit. With JumpStart Franchise services, the right candidates become easy to spot.

Develop Your Team: Spotting potential executive candidates and franchisees is only a piece of the puzzle. You must learn to instill your company values, monitor conduct, and protect operational procedures so leaders feel confident and empowered in their positions.

Measure Your Leaders’ Performance: You must identify metrics by which you can measure your leaders’ performance. Are they instilling the same company or franchise values on an organization-wide basis? Our executive coaching can help you find out.

Reactive or Proactive?

Many of the challenges executives and franchisors face stem from them reacting to change rather than proactively anticipating change. With our executive coaching model, franchisors and executives will learn how to become a force instead of responding to forces out of their control. This approach can be implemented in any area of life. Instead of thinking of challenges as “happening to you,” you take responsibility for what’s happening and devise solutions.

Our executive coaching program teaches you how to stop saying, “you were late because of the traffic,” and how to start saying, “I was late because I didn’t adequately prepare for the day.”

You can’t control whether tough times occur, but you can control what systems you have in place when you land on tough times. Our coaching program gives you the tools to do so.

Do You Empower Your Business?

At JumpStart Franchise Services, we believe in the acronym GROW to measure your business or franchise success. The GROW acronym stands for goal, reality, options, and way forward.

Goal: Set the goals for your business or franchise.

Reality: Identify where you are in relation to your goal. Do you want to sell one hundred franchises? How many have you sold so far?

Options: There are different ways to solve one puzzle. We explore the options with you.

Way Forward: What’s the most attractive route to achieving your goal? That’s the path you need to take.

Our executive coaching is not about us. It’s about you. That’s why we give you the roadmap to success by helping you identify the existing framework of your business
or franchise.

Reactive or Proactive

Energize Your Business or Franchise

You have all the pieces in place. An effective business plan. A product or service that sells. What’s holding you back? It’s time to find out and electrify your business or franchise with JumpStart’s executive coaching services.

We help you attract more leaders to your business, standardize your procedures for sustainable growth, and turn you into the executive you always dreamed of.

Contact us today at (866) 274-1693 or kyle@jumpstartfranservices to JumpStart your business or franchise growth.

What They Say About Us?

I have been working with Kyle for a few years now, his knowledge and expertise in business development and management has far surpassed my expectations. We began working together when I was just building my business and scared that I was going to have to close my doors. However, with the advice, knowledge of strategic planning, and encouragement I have received, my business is thriving more than ever!…Even through a pandemic. Thank you!

Rachael Smolinski
Urban Squeeze Massage & Facials

Craig and his team are the best in the business. We at With A Twist Event Services approached Craig to help with our Operations Manual, and like many people I thought, “how hard can it be”? Let me assure you that after walking through it with Craig and his team on the first meeting, the great detail they go into and how they learn every detail about your business before writing… I was blown away. JumpStart Franchise Services not only built our manual, they helped brainstorm some fresh ideas for the direction of the business. Now it is 2020, “The Strangest Year On Record”, our business has been blessed by Craig and the entire JumpStart team. If you’re looking to launch a new franchise, do yourself a favor and work with JumpStart. The brand says it all!

Tom Stemple
With a Twist