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Strategic Planning

What strategic planning do you do that clearly defines your success, grows your business, and holds franchisees accountable? Our proprietary strategic planning method is designed to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and develop a roadmap to sustainable profits. These strategies hold you accountable and coach you to your vision for sustainable growth.

Dealing with visibly unmotivated franchisees and need a spark? Give us a call to find out how our business and franchise strategy services can electrify your business.


Clearly Defined Strategies to Meet Your Goals

Strategic planning is never a one-size-fits-all solution. You don’t just need the required legal documents to franchise. Your company needs solutions that account for all of your unique needs and selling points. You need a plan in place for tough decisions throughout your growth phases.

Without this clear strategy, initiatives falter, your franchisees or executives become visibly disengaged, and what was once a promising endeavor stagnates for reasons you can’t identify. You need tools for your journey to franchising success – clear directives that lead to decisive action-taking, a strategy that defines your goals and gives you the metrics to hold yourself accountable in the long-term.

How can you create a business or franchise strategy that fits your business model? How can you ensure your business model is marketable to your customers or franchisees? How can you tell whether your franchise model is a single or multi-unit system? JumpStart Franchise Services is here to help you decide.

Is Franchising Right for You?

Solutions to Power Your Business

JumpStart Franchising Services starts by analyzing whether franchising is the right decision for you. It starts with strategic planning.

We answer the following questions:

  • What strategic planning do you do?
  • What is your profitability and ROI?
  • How long has your business been open?
  • Do you have the right systems in place?
  • Are your sales growing?
  • Are people asking you for franchise opportunities?
  • How does your brand differentiate from competitors?
  • Are you operating in a new industry?
  • Do you have adequate capital?
  • Do you have the right metrics in place?
  • Do your numbers match industry metrics?

What Makes a Successful Franchise System?

Does the absence of strategic planning contribute to why some franchise chains have close to a hundred percent failure-rate while others have a near flawless success-rate? Successful franchisors identify their target market and relentlessly ease pressure off their franchisees. They understand who they’re selling to and implement repeatable procedures that lead to success. How do they do this? They plan meticulously.

But devising a business or franchise strategy doesn’t have to be a struggle. It doesn’t have to be a never-ending stream of numbers you don’t have time to analyze. You can simplify what matters most. Together, we can quickly define your franchisee’s path to success and create a franchise strategy that communicates simple directives to franchisees.


Develop Your Rollout Plan

Before committing to franchising, you need to decide how to plan your franchise network. You can either choose a slow progress model, expanding one or two units at a time. This type of roll out model helps you monitor whether franchisees are successful before expanding to the next unit. If you choose to approach your growth model this way, you will need to consider geography. You want to sell franchises within your area so you can monitor progress more closely. This improves launches and lets you play an ongoing advisory role.

If you opt for a faster rollout model, you need to understand the consumer demand curve and where your product or business resides within the growth phase of that curve. How does your team plan to infiltrate the market without growth stagnating? Utilizing this model takes careful market research. If the demand can’t support your expansion, you will overextend your rollout plan and new franchise units to flounder.


Create Marketing Materials

Franchise marketing is a little different than business marketing. With business marketing, you can get away with only addressing your customers. When you develop a marketing plan as a franchise, you also need to market to your prospective franchisee.

One effective way to attract franchisees is to reveal your business growth. Display the competitive advantages your franchise has over other business opportunities. Reveal financial projections for the standard franchise location. Your franchisee should be aware of what they can expect when they buy your franchise. Your job is to provide a blueprint detailing all of the training you plan to offer.


Promotional Materials

You should use promotional materials such as your website and social media to bring franchisees to you. Develop a page for your franchise program. Get the word out on social media.

You should also be prepared for one of your customers to ask you about franchising opportunities. Have promotional materials on hand to provide anyone interested. You should also consider where you want to allocate additional advertising dollars to attract potential franchisees.

Remember, franchising depends heavily on identifying your target market. Allocate your advertising to publications that fit the target market first. Then, make sure you have promotional materials on hand when someone asks.


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If franchising isn’t the right decision for you, JumpStart Franchise services can still help. Regardless of your industry, we can ensure you make meaningful financial progress year-over-year. We break your business strategy into five categories, including the following:

Defining your vision for leadership: how do you plan to divide leadership roles? What is your company structure? How do you see this company structure evolving in the future?

Defining your culture: Defining your culture is one of the most critical determinants of your success. You need a supportive culture, one that collaborates together. Without this, you can’t achieve meaningful success.

Marketing Strategy: Marketing your business without a strategy is essentially shooting in the dark. JumpStart identifies a marketing plan that works well with your business model, so you understand your path to continued success.

Management: How can you ensure your management team is the right management team to implement your business strategy? Let JumpStart help you.

Systems: Effective business systems seamlessly integrate your business strategy on a company-wide basis, no matter its size.

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No matter where you are in the growth phase, your strategy defines your success. If you’re just starting, you need a strategy that establishes growth. If you already have a sustained business model or franchise, you need a strategy in place to address challenges or plateaus. Where you are in your business or franchise growth determines what strategy you implement. As you progress through stages of your business growth, you’ll need to adapt. What works for one stage won’t work for another.

Whether you’re a business owner or franchisor, it’s normal to hit growth plateaus. But without a clear strategy, these plateaus can extend. To solve these plateaus, you need a coordinated approach that identifies the root cause of your issues. Then you need to act. It’s time to take a proactive approach to your business or franchise. The professionals at JumpStart

Electrify your business or franchise growth and develop strategies that last with JumpStart Franchise Services.

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I have been working with Kyle for a few years now, his knowledge and expertise in business development and management has far surpassed my expectations. We began working together when I was just building my business and scared that I was going to have to close my doors. However, with the advice, knowledge of strategic planning, and encouragement I have received, my business is thriving more than ever!…Even through a pandemic. Thank you!

Rachael Smolinski
Urban Squeeze Massage & Facials

Craig and his team are the best in the business. We at With A Twist Event Services approached Craig to help with our Operations Manual, and like many people I thought, “how hard can it be”? Let me assure you that after walking through it with Craig and his team on the first meeting, the great detail they go into and how they learn every detail about your business before writing… I was blown away. JumpStart Franchise Services not only built our manual, they helped brainstorm some fresh ideas for the direction of the business. Now it is 2020, “The Strangest Year On Record”, our business has been blessed by Craig and the entire JumpStart team. If you’re looking to launch a new franchise, do yourself a favor and work with JumpStart. The brand says it all!

Tom Stemple
With a Twist