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Operations and Training Manuals Bring Your Team Up To Speed

Do your operations and training manuals bring your people up to speed quickly, accurately and reliably? Is it helping you scale without stress? Is it working?

Who’s writing your playbook? Are you giving franchisees the operations and training tools they need for continued success? Add structure to your system and reduce the risk of rogue franchisees. Documenting each policy, procedure and routine that defines your business doesn’t have to be a drain. In fact, it should be the exact opposite. We’re here to turn one of your most dreaded tasks into the electricity you need to connect your business in all facets.

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Custom Operations and Training Manuals

Do your operations and training manuals bring your people up to speed quickly, accurately and reliably? Is it helping you scale without stress? Is it working?

A well-written operations manual coupled with effective training materials will simplify your life. It serves as a foundational building block of your success, and should be a source of pride. Additionally, as your business or franchise grows, your operations need to scale to meet demand. Without solid processes, policies, and routines, you will eventually disconnect from your business or franchise. And once that happens, you lose the power to influence its direction.

Our customized operations manuals and training curriculum help you manage and grow the systems that lead to repeatable success. While the Federal Trade Commission requires each franchise to have an operations manual, the only question left is: how thorough does it have to be?

Free Your Leadership to Focus On Innovation

We understand how stressful it is trying to document every procedure and run a successful business or franchise. The reality is simple: if you can’t communicate procedures, policies, and protocols to franchisees or employees, you won’t create a consistent customer experience–and that will lead to losing money. You will become powerless as franchisees start doing things their own way. You will struggle with rogue franchisees, feel disconnected from employees, and wonder why your brand reputation suffers.

JumpStart frees you to focus on building your franchise system because professionals write your documentation. We’ve worked with over 150 companies –both franchises and privately owned businesses– and our systematic approach ensures we deliver your operations manuals on time, on budget, and ready to increase your franchise sales. It takes hundreds of hours to write an accurate and useful manual. By hiring JumpStart Franchise Services, you reclaim time to implement your vision.

Improve Scalability

Consistency is what makes franchises successful. You must implement your operations manual the same way, no matter the size of your franchise. When customers trust your brand, they will give your franchisees more business. When your policies and directives are well-written and easily understandable, you can quickly implement them across your organization, no matter how large it grows.

Reduce Operational Liabilities

Documenting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in your operations manual is a necessary component of avoiding liability if an employee or customer suffers financial loss or injury in one of your franchise stores or business units. Your operations manual must follow your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) closely and both documents should clearly dictate the legal implications involved for franchisees.

Add Market Value, Sell to More Franchisees

A well written and easily-navigable operations manual also helps you build market value in case you want to sell your franchise in the future. A complete operations manual smooths this transition and can feature as a unique selling point for your franchise.

Franchisees will be more attracted to a franchise model that includes resources and gives them a clear path to success. With effective training and operations manuals, you can be more selective of your franchisees and your franchise will be in higher demand.

Why Write Operations and Training Manuals?

Do your operations and training manuals bring your people up to speed quickly, accurately and reliably? Is it helping you scale without stress? Is it working?

Simplify with an Operations and Training Program

Operations and training manuals aren’t supposed to be overly-complicated. They’re supposed to simplify your most cherished business components into easily understandable terms. But refining policies and guidelines down to easily understandable information takes hours of careful preparation and hard work.

Your franchisees or employees should be able to easily glean information from your operations manual. Since the franchise operations manual is a legally binding document, it should also be an extension of the FDD (franchise disclosure document) and incorporate your franchise standards.

The operations manual needs to contain the following information:

  • Expectations for both franchisor and franchisee
  • The legal implications and expectations for franchisees
  • How to run every aspect of the business
  • Protect the brand

The Consequences of an Incomplete Operations Manual

The first area you will notice a lacking operations manual is when you try to enforce company standards. Without a comprehensive operations manual, your standards are impossible to qualify or communicate and you lose accountability from your franchisees.

This vulnerability can even result in legal action. You might think you’re protected from lawsuits since your franchisees are independent contractors. However, an enterprising attorney will try to point to holes in your operations manual to establish negligence.

New Franchise Owner Operations and Training

Having a thorough operations and training manual is the first step to establishing a sustainable franchise system. After we create your operations manual, it’s time to focus on implementing training new franchisees who may, or may not, understand the business they just bought.

The best place to train your franchisees is at the headquarters. Your operations manual serves as the textbook throughout this training. Using the operations manual, we develop a training program that tests your franchisees’ skills on-site.

JumpStart Franchise Services provides your franchisees with the tools they need to prove their worth. You should be able to impart the following knowledge to your franchisees:

  • How to protect the brand by doing a great job
  • How to ensure consistency
  • How to grow the franchisee’s business

Standardized Training Models

Here’s a scenario: you train your franchisee at your headquarters and they pass with flying colors. However, when it comes time to open and the lines are around the block, the franchisee folds under the pressure. Your training should focus on preparing your franchisees for their opening day and beyond. JumpStart’s training materials can help your opening team to help your franchisees prepare is an excellent way to standardize this process.

  • Train in a consistent manner to ensure consistent results
  • Prepare franchisees how to train their employees
  • Use a standardized approach to ensure brand identity and reputation

Ongoing Training and Testing

While the operations and training manuals serves as foundational documents for all training procedures, you need to continuously revisit your training materials over time. Ensuring managers and franchisees receive the attention and resources they need leads to sustained success. Franchisees need to understand new directives and policies.

To avoid withering standards, JumpStart Franchise Services can develop effective training programs that require ongoing certification for core competencies. We can develop courses with you, such as periodic refresher training for new products, services, or procedures, as well as adding training for organization positions as they adapt.

You no longer have to worry about struggling for process. JumpStart Franchise services make expansion simple and effective. Our proven process has helped numerous organizations take the reins of their franchise success.

Contact JumpStart Franchise Services today to optimize your operations manual and training materials.

What Our Clients Say About Us

I have been working with Kyle for a few years now, his knowledge and expertise in business development and management has far surpassed my expectations. We began working together when I was just building my business and scared that I was going to have to close my doors. However, with the advice, knowledge of strategic planning, and encouragement I have received, my business is thriving more than ever!…Even through a pandemic. Thank you!

Rachael Smolinski
Urban Squeeze Massage & Facials

Craig and his team are the best in the business. We at With A Twist Event Services approached Craig to help with our Operations Manual, and like many people I thought, “how hard can it be”? Let me assure you that after walking through it with Craig and his team on the first meeting, the great detail they go into and how they learn every detail about your business before writing… I was blown away. JumpStart Franchise Services not only built our manual, they helped brainstorm some fresh ideas for the direction of the business. Now it is 2020, “The Strangest Year On Record”, our business has been blessed by Craig and the entire JumpStart team. If you’re looking to launch a new franchise, do yourself a favor and work with JumpStart. The brand says it all!

Tom Stemple
With a Twist