Is your operation manual accurate and your training useful?


A professionally written franchise operations manual is the cornerstone of a well-executed franchise. Franchise operations manuals are akin to the college textbook, and the training manuals provide the educational function. Without accurate, useful, and easily accessible policies and procedures, franchisees will have the option to “go it alone.”

What can go wrong there?


JumpStart Franchise Services has written more than 50 operation manuals for businesses in over 20 industries.


Operational excellence is the backbone of all successful franchises. The ability of franchisees and their employees to give customers the amazing experience by following the franchise system lies at the core of the business model. The first step is to standardize policies and procedures by publishing a franchise operation manual. Although the manual is required by law, the details are left to franchisors. Because few people enjoy the process of writing, the quality of the information varies and with it the operational details. The best ones validate the franchise system because they are detailed, attractive and useful. 

Necessary to creating a turn-key franchise solution, a customized and detailed operation manual is a key component. This includes detailed checklists and explanations for every member of the organization and subject. For example, opening a new store; accounting; marketing; operations; safety and security; cleanliness and forms—to name but a few topics covered in a support manual.

  • Our expertise writing franchise operation manuals extends back more than 20 years.
  • Writing and maintaining manuals is a time consuming process; the business owner has other duties.
  • Companies need an extra pair of hands because the current staff is overloaded.
  • People cannot type; they hated writing in school—and still do.

Operations manuals aren’t the most exciting part of planning the future of your business. We get it. That’s why we’re taking it off your hands.


Franchises are often awarded to people with little to no experience in the business they’re buying. They need to be educated and trained how to operate the franchise successfully by following the brand standards as defined in the franchise operations manual. Better educated franchisees make better operators.

The only way to provide great service is to educate and train new franchisees how to own, market and operate the business successfully. By developing a custom curriculum and training program to teach them the skills and knowledge necessary, rookies have an easier opening and make more money.  Creating training manuals for you and your franchisees improves operational excellence and reduces mistakes. 

Craig and his team are the best in the business. We at With A Twist Event Services approached Craig to help with our Operations Manual, and like many people I thought, “how hard can it be”? Let me assure you that after walking through it with Craig and his team on the first meeting, the great detail they go into and how they learn every detail about your business before writing… I was blown away. JumpStart Franchise Services not only built our manual, they helped brainstorm some fresh ideas for the direction of the business. Now it is 2020, “The Strangest Year On Record”, our business has been blessed by Craig and the entire JumpStart team. If you’re looking to launch a new franchise, do yourself a favor and work with JumpStart. The brand says it all!

Tom Stemple
With a Twist