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Business and Franchise Development

We coach. You sell more franchises. Franchise development is difficult. But we make it easy by coaching you how to sell like a franchise broker. And save money.

Is your business or franchise plan going to bring you the growth you desire? Can you create your franchise, run the sales and marketing, and consult your franchisees? Do you have a clear pathway to selling BUs? Can you ensure your company stays in line on operations and procedures once it surpasses your growth expectations?

If you find yourself struggling with these questions, we can offer solutions. Our coaching and consulting shows you how to develop a successful franchise development approach. Join JumpStart Franchise Services today, and benefit from the orchestration that propels your business or franchise to the top of your industry.

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Less than 10% of franchises operate more than 100 units.

Do You Have a System to Develop and Scale Your Business?

To create and grow your franchise, you need established systems and routines that are easily understood from the top down. The corporate team must not only align with the goals and vision of the founders, they must implement them effectively.

With a franchise, as the system grows, leaders must grow with it. To grow a franchise, you need a proactive mindset, thorough planning, and partners and advisors who can carry out various initiatives. After all, owning and running a gym is very different from selling a chain of gyms.

JumpStart Franchise Services offers franchise development training sessions that address some of the most common franchisor frustrations:

  • Lack of dedicated sales resources
  • Disorganized sales processes
  • Failure to follow legal process
  • Haphazard lead generation techniques

JumpStart Franchise Services provides the following for your business:

  • Implement a strategic franchise development plan
  • Coordinate an investment strategy to secure capital
  • Develop lead generation system that produces the right leads
  • Streamline communication systems
  • Enact a proven closing system
create and grow your franchise
develop your franchise

Power Your Business from the Ground Up

We don’t just help you create your business or franchise offering. We collaborate with you to develop your franchise from the creation of your franchise agreement to your ongoing sales and marketing campaigns. With JumpStart, you maintain momentum with a partner who aligns your interests with potential franchisees or target markets. 

Highlight Your Company Differentiators 

You’re a unique brand that has an exclusive offer for franchisees or consumers. But how do you highlight your attributes to separate yourself from your competitors? How does your brand fulfill a need in your market? What makes you attractive to franchisees?

JumpStart Franchise Services helps you identify the special aspects of your business and implements them into your ongoing marketing and advertising campaigns. You understand that marketing and advertising aren’t one and done solutions. That’s why we constantly look for new qualities about your brand as well as revamping those that seem outdated.

Focused Approach to Marketing and Advertising

Whether you’re a franchisor or trying to expand your business, you can’t generate sales if you don’t cultivate brand awareness. To do this, you need to avoid throwing money at ineffective marketing and advertising campaigns. It’s also not enough to have a single successful marketing or advertising campaign. 

You need advertising and marketing development that responds to your changing industry and franchisee needs, a team that looks at changing demographics and how you can better allocate funds to your marketing and advertising efforts over time.

advertising and marketing development

Ensure Sustained Success

JumpStart Franchise Services implements systems that close your target franchisees and business partners. We do this using a seven-step process.


Lead Generation

Using our proven advertising and marketing strategies, you benefit from consistent lead generation.


Booking Appointments

We vet the candidates to ensure you only meet with ones that pass a qualifying interview. This is part of our ongoing commitment to strategically focused business partnerships.


Qualifying Call

The qualifying call further determines whether the candidate for your franchise or business is the right fit for you.


CEO Call

The leaders of your company speak with the candidates to provide a thorough overview of your brand to see if it would be the ideal fit.


FDD Review

After qualifying your candidate, you will review the FDD (if applicable) or any other documents to demonstrate the value of your business or franchise’s system.


Discovery Day

After discussing the FDD and other documents to ensure your candidate is prepared to undertake the responsibilities associated with your franchise, the candidates will meet with the franchise executives to experience the brand concept first-hand, before formally joining the system.


Signing of the Franchise (If Applicable) Documents and Agreements

A meeting with all of your executives will be set to finalize the documentation and discuss new store openings, as well as other store procedures.

Ready to Sell Franchises and Expand Your Business?

You have the vision, now it’s time to put it into action. From mapping out your business model, to developing marketing and advertising strategies, and finally, selling to franchisees or increasing business sales, JumpStart is here for all of your business and franchise development needs.

Electrify your business for growth. Contact us today at (866) 274-1693 or kyle@jumpstartfranservices to JumpStart your business or franchise growth.

What Our Clients Say About Us

I have been working with Kyle for a few years now, his knowledge and expertise in business development and management has far surpassed my expectations. We began working together when I was just building my business and scared that I was going to have to close my doors. However, with the advice, knowledge of strategic planning, and encouragement I have received, my business is thriving more than ever!…Even through a pandemic. Thank you!

Rachael Smolinski
Urban Squeeze Massage & Facials

Craig and his team are the best in the business. We at With A Twist Event Services approached Craig to help with our Operations Manual, and like many people I thought, “how hard can it be”? Let me assure you that after walking through it with Craig and his team on the first meeting, the great detail they go into and how they learn every detail about your business before writing… I was blown away. JumpStart Franchise Services not only built our manual, they helped brainstorm some fresh ideas for the direction of the business. Now it is 2020, “The Strangest Year On Record”, our business has been blessed by Craig and the entire JumpStart team. If you’re looking to launch a new franchise, do yourself a favor and work with JumpStart. The brand says it all!

Tom Stemple
With a Twist