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Use Your 2020 Experience to Create a Better Future

By February 26, 2021No Comments

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Whether you are an overworked essential worker, you are furloughed or your cubicle has moved to your dining room table, 2020 has shown how quickly things can change and how valuable time is. For those who have always wanted to run their own business, this year has created an opportunity to transition into just that. Assess your skills and interests, but also find out what new or increased needs were created in 2020. Then, check out what might fill your emotional needs. Find the intersection of those two things, and you’ll set yourself up for financial and emotional rewards.

Fill an essential need.

Businesses launching in today’s economy need to provide a service that people are clamoring for. By meeting an essential need, you’ll also likely choose a growing industry and potentially increase your opportunity for success for years to come. The disruption in education is a perfect example in that it has created a need for additional tools and enrichment services to help keep kids from falling behind. This will be a huge national undertaking, and if you’re able to help the kids in your community, you’ll change the lives of all the families you touch. As this need to help kids get educated is filled in communities across the country, the impact will be tremendous.

Go low risk.

This is a time to keep risks to a minimum and to get up and running as quickly as possible, so partnering with a franchise is smarter than ever. A franchise will train you, provide you with proven tools for success and help with your marketing to attract customers. Some risk-related items to check off when choosing a franchise:

  • A strong track record – this will give you an extra level of emotional security
  • Low investment – this is not a time to go into debt, so choose a franchise you can afford
  • Long customer life cycle – this means customers will stay with you for a long time (it’s several times less expensive to keep a customer than to find a new one!)

With more than 60 years of experience and a program that works in the U.S. and in more than 50 other countries and territories, Kumon has that strong track record. Noted as 2020’s top franchise for less than $100,000 by Entrepreneur, Kumon fits the investment needs of many who are looking to start a business. Making it even more affordable, Kumon helps new franchisees by covering up to $36,000 in expenses, including the cost of furniture, signage and even up to $1,000 in rent for the first year. Finally, Kumon is not tutoring, so kids are generally not there for short-term solutions. Instead, parents choose Kumon because it works alongside their kids’ education from pre-K through high school.

Fill your emotional bucket.

Having been furloughed or let go or thrown into working from home, stress levels are at an all-time high. Reducing stress is an important aspect of managing your health. But don’t just manage—set yourself up to be fulfilled. As Booker T. Washington said, “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”

Making a difference isn’t always one grand gesture but consists of thousands of little actions that, together, contribute to something greater. At Kumon, our franchisees find that making a difference comes naturally. Even during the best of times, not every parent has the support system needed to help their kids excel. The structure of the Kumon Method gives parents the tools to help their kids master the essential skills of math, reading and grammar, and franchisees can clearly see kids progressing through the levels of the program. As they see kids, who may have initially been behind, improve, even entering advanced classes in school, they can relish the fact that they helped create lasting change in those families’ lives.

Source: Use Your 2020 Experience to Create a Better Future